Friday, March 29, 2013

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition Version 2?

So in the past two weeks, I think, my blog has gone through two extreme makeovers. From Caffeine and Ink Pens to Technicolor Dreaming, and then from Technicolor Dreaming to Life Unscripted. At the very beginning, this was going to be a "lifestyle" blog. It was, in hindsight, half success half disaster. Like, the blog got views and follows and stuff, but it was just weird. I didn't like it, not sure why. Then, I decided this was going to be my fashion and beauty blog or something, but I quickly abandoned that idea, mostly because I kind of don't really have a clue about neither fashion nor beauty.

Then I just kind of sat down and wondered what I should do with this thing. I started it, and I wanted to continue it. Everything I was trying just didn't feel very much like me. It all felt forced and awkward and bleh. And then I realized the issue was that I was trying to label my blog in the first place. I seriously don't do well with labels. So I decided I'd just write about me and my social misadventures. Or whatever. I'm always complaining about how nobody ever listens to me , so why not have a nice place to word-vomit on my feelings?

So basically, I'm not going to try to put a name on what this is (except for Life Unscripted, I thought it was cute since I want to be a screenwriter...), I'm just going to write. So, if you have plans to read this... I wish you good luck and I apologize in advance, haha.

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