Monday, March 25, 2013

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

So I've pretty much completely abandoned this blog in the past month and a half. It mostly had to do with personal issues and a bunch of ridiculous things going on in my life, but I also think I got lazy. On the whole, blogging wasn't exactly number one on my to-do-list. But for some reason, this morning, I set my mind to blogging again. I browsed through Blogspot for some new blogs to follow, read some seriously inspiring posts, and kinda sorta got my muse back. I wanted to blog again.

When the time came to start posting again, I was really turned off by my old layout and almost everything about my blog. While the posts overtly dark (aside from a few seriously pessimistic "facts" about me), it was created at a relatively dark time in my life. It was kind of a glaring reminder of that time. So I set my mind to revamping the entire blog. I got a new url, a new blog title, and made a bunch of fancy pants graphics (I'm far from a web designer though). With my now neat and kinda professional looking blog, I'm ready to start posting for real. Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all.

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